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1.5 YEAR - 2 YEARS Formal Enrollment from abroad

−Gregg International College was recognized in 1978 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a vocational-technical school that trains business specialists to be leaders in the emerging global economy. Since then, graduates of our school have been working in many areas of international business. The educational method and practices used in our programs help our students to learn creative thinking so they will be able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the world of international commerce. We are known throughout the fields of education and business as a progressive institution that fully prepares our students for the challenges ahead of them.
−Our Japanese Language Department offers a program in business Japanese to students from abroad. In order to improve the Japanese proficiency of our students, we instill in them a way of thinking that can be thematically characterized as “speed, accuracy, and logic.” An education at Gregg International College empowers students with the knowledge of the social, cultural, and historical differences between Japan and other nations so that our students will become truly international-minded individuals.
−By understanding each student as a unique individual, we are able to provide the best education, academic counseling, and lifestyle guidance so that each student can think and act independently while adjusting to school life.
−The caring and professional staff members in our guidance office assist our students in their selections of programs in higher education. Students that wish to study at a higher academic level in preparation for a business career may be recommended for admission to one of the Gregg International College campuses. Our campuses are conveniently located in Jiyugaoka, Shinjuku and Yokohama. We offer a wide range of two-year programs in the following departments:

※ Department of Foreign Language
  ・ Interpretation & Translation Course
  ・ Global Communication Course
※ Department of International Business
  ・ Business Planner Course
  ・ Trading Business Course
  ・ Hotel / Tourism Business Course
Application Process

 1. Qualification:
  a) 12 years of formal schooling abroad
  b) 5th grade level or higher in the Japanese Proficiency Test
  c) At least 150 hours or more of Japanese language study
 2. Enrollment Period: April / October
 3. Immigration Status: College Student Visa
 4. Years of Study: April 2 years / October 1 year 6 months
 5. Maximum number of entrants: 60
 6. Courses:
   Pre-college courses T・U (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced)
 7. Class Time (a or b):
  a) Pre-college coursesT (Morning): 9:10 a.m.−12:20 p.m.
  b) Pre-college coursesT (Afternoon): 1:10 p.m.−4:20 p.m.
 8. How to be enrolled:
   Interview, entrance examination, documents of application
 9. Application Due Date:
   April enrollment: between August 1 to November 30
   October enrollment: between March 1 to June 15
  ※Application will be closed when we reach maximum enrollment.
10. Application Fee: 20,000 yen (Please make payments when submitting documents.
    Once the fee is paid, it will not be returned.)
11. Documents to be submitted:
- The applicants need to prepare the following documents.
  @ Application Form for admission (Use the form provided in the Gregg International
     College application packet.)
  A Personal history with the reason for study attached (Use the form provided in the
     application packet.)
    1. The applicant must fill in the form and sign it.
    2. Reason of study and plan after completing the course must be filled in.
    3. Personal history must be written so that all stages in your life are adequately       explained.
  B Valid documentation of educational background (original graduation diploma, etc.)
  C Student registration certificate (if the applicant is a student)
  D A copy of residence certificate that shows the applicant’s educational or
    job history
  E Certificate verifying the study of Japanese language
  F 6 photographs (40mm×30mm)
    The photo should be clear, uncovered head, no background and front-view pose.
    It also should be taken within 3 months of application.
  G A copy of passport (all pages) ※This is not required if the applicant does not
    have it.
- The financial guarantor needs to prepare the following documents.
   If a financial guarantor is the applicant’s parents or relatives, the
   following documents must be prepared.
  (1) Financial Guarantor Form (prescribed form of Japan Immigration Office)
    ※ The financial guarantor fills in the form and stamps it with a registered seal.
    ※ Specify the reason why the guarantor is sponsoring the applicant.
    ※ Specify the amount and method of financial assistance
  (2) Document showing the relationship between the financial guarantor and
     the applicant (Notarial deed for kinship, etc.)
  (3) Copy of document on which financial guarantor’s educational / job history is
  (4) Certificate of bank balance
  (5) Copy of bankbook
  (6) Certificate of employment
  (7) Certificate of income (for the past 3 years)
  (8) Certificate of authority to run a business (if a financial guarantor runs
     a business)
  H Certificate of tax payment (if a financial guarantor runs a business)
   If a financial guarantor resides in Japan, the following documents must
   be prepared.
  (1) Financial Guarantor Form (prescribed form of Japan Immigration Office)
    ※ The financial guarantor fills in the form and places a registered seal.
    ※ Specify the background to provide sponsor.
    ※ Specify the amount and method financial assistance
  (2) Certificate of residence or alien registration
  (3) Document showing the relationship between the financial guarantor and
     the applicant (Notarial deed for kinship etc.)
  (4) Certificate of bank balance
  (5) Copy of bankbook
  (6) Certificate of employment or certified copy of company registration
  (7) Tax payment certification on which financial guarantor’s income is written
12. Notes:
  @ Documents and certificates to be submitted must be issued after August 1
     of the current year.
  A Certificates written in native language must be attached with Japanese translation.
  B Once documents are submitted, they will not be returned (except for original
    of graduation diploma etc.)
  T. School fee for Two years course:
Entrance Fee
Special events

  U. School fee for One year and Six month’s course:
Six months
Entrance Fee
Special events
   @ A school fee of 680,000 yen for the first year must be paid when certificate of
     admission is issued.
   A A school fee except for entrance fee will be returned should an applicant be
     unable to attend Gregg International College due to personal reasons.

14. Scholarship:
   Scholarship supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
   Technology is available for those who meet the requirements.
15. Commuter Pass:
   Student discount for commuter pass as well as passenger fare will be issued.


Direction to Gregg International College, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
Jiyugaoka campus is 5 minutes from Jiyugaoka station.
Jiyugaoka is on the Tokyu-Toyoko line and reached easily from Shibuya and Yokohama.


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